Santolo Beach in South Garut, West Java

As a city that is famous for its natural beauty, Garut store various potential sites. One of these sea travel. You can enjoy the beauty of the beach Santolo in southern Garut. Santolo coast of Bandung distance of about 160 kilometers, or about 100 kilometers from the capital city of Garut.

Santolo beauty looks from sea water appears blue from the top of the hill. Coastal sloping beaches appear white with white sand and gentle.

Santolo beach is a favorite tourist destination because other than as a tourist location, on the beach is also a dock for traditional fishermen. Fresh fish caught fishing every morning auctioned here. Due to being a fishing port, then in Santolo mushrooming places to eat seafood at cheap prices. You can book seafod in lodgings or burn themselves on the waterfront. Enjoying panoramic coastal and marine life, an activity that can be done along the beach Santolo.

This beach is well known in Garut and is a tourist destination. Santolo Beach area is a gathering of traditional fishermen will be developed into a beautiful tourist destination. Is also an area for fishing activities as fishing boat or a boat dock in Pameungpeuk.

Santolo beach is a beach that is still relatively not too crowded, a collection of large stones, and the blue sea into a beautiful landscape. Enjoying panoramic coastal and marine life, an activity that can be done. There are also charter boats that serve tourists to enjoy the sound of the surf coast south is quite challenging.

In addition we can enjoy fresh seafood dishes with a simple dish. Pretty tourist facilities required are available such as inns, souvenir stalls at affordable prices. For friends who want to spend the night, around the coast there are many lodging for the night. The rent is affordable, around Rp. 100.000, - up to Rp. 200.000, - per day.


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