Three Historic Site in Sumedang

1. Tanjungsari
Site Tanjungsari an ancient tomb complex is located on the western edge Cimanuk River. Around the site is land paddies. Land sites surrounded by a moat. The entrance of the tomb complex is located in the southwest corner.

Administratively, this site including Hamlet area Kebun Tiwu, Cibogo Village, District Darmaraja. According to Wikarta, caretaker of the shrine, the main character who is buried Grandparent H. Dalem Santapura bin Betara Way. This figure is a disseminator of Islam in Darmaraja. The main character of this tomb is located in the eastern part close to the banks of the River Cimanuk. Conditions walled tomb which is a new building.

The entrance is on the south side fitted wooden door. In the wall of terdap at the order of stone forming a rectangular floor plan. Inside this stone structure there again as a tomb stone structure tomb. Gravestone in the legs and the head of natural stone.

2.  Keramat Buah Ngariung
Objects on the site is also in the form of the sacred tomb. Tomb is located on the edge of the garden in the east of the Cimanuk. Administratively, this site is located in Kampung Buah Ngarius, Village Padjaya, Kecamattan Wado. The figure are buried is Grandparent Wangsapraja. This figure is a disseminator of Islam in Fruit Ngariung. Grave condition has been restored and furnished total wall. Tomb of the building is also equipped with a cupola. Floor tile and headstone tomb closed from natural stone. Inside the fence there are some teak trees.

3.  Mas Waterfall
At the location of this site there are three objects, namely the tomb of Haji White Grandparent Dalem Panungtung Sungklanglarang, waterfall Mas and Wells Bandung. Administratively, the site is located in Kampung Cadasngampar, Sukakersa Village, District Jatigede. One of the archaeological findings in this site is the Tomb Complex Grandparent Dalem Panungtung White Haji Sungklanglarang.

Its geographical location is located in the east side of the river Cimanuk. Objects on this site in the form of the tomb of Haji Sungklanglarang Grandparent Dalem Panungtung the dike ramatkan. This figure is a figure Muslim missionaries from the Sultanate of Mataram. Grave condition has been restored with the addition kramik at the tomb and its surroundings. Kekunaanmakam this is in the form of two stone headstone nature oriented north - south.

In addition to these figures there is the tomb of his followers named Ang Ling Dharma. The tomb is located in the south of the tomb of Haji Sungklanglarang Panungtung Grandparent Dalem. Tomb form unmarked tomb danmerupakan new buildings of ceramics. Bangunangardu tomb complex comes from wood. The building serves as a gateway and a place to rest.


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