Dengdeng Waterfall, Pancatengah, Tasikmalaya

You want to enjoy the natural attractions of the exotic waterfall? Visit his name waterfall (waterfall) Dengdeng. Some people call it a mini niagara. Pristine waterfall is located in the administrative area of ​​the village of Cirerese, Tawang Village, District Pancatengah, Tasikmalaya. Distance from Jakarta about 350 miles; of Purwakarta about 270 miles; and from Tasikmalaya Kudat town or about 70 miles.

From the hill on the trail, it seems clear that a wide cross-section of river stretches. This waterfall flows in rivers that disgorge Cikembang of westward Salopa the Mountain King. Under the calm water flow faintly visible large flat rocks and patches of perforated in (jublegan). River flowing eastward fault is very pretty look green Tosca, when approached the water is clear and refreshing.

This waterfall is in flow Cikembang River and empties into the river in the upper reaches Ciwulan which is uric Kaga village people's lives. Although the river is dry because of drought, waterfall Dengdeng still looks beautiful. The step-stone steps clearly visible. In fact it can be used to go down to the bottom third steps.

The scenery around here is incredible. Travelling from Tasikmalaya City hefty pay off after the exhausting you get to this waterfall. Not difficult to get to the waterfall on this one. Benchmark Cikatomas gas stations. It was the only gas station in this district. If coming from the north (Salopa), from the gas station turn left. Distance of approximately 20 minutes to get to the small road to the waterfall. From this small road, roughly can be reached within ten minutes. That is if you use the motor. When walking, different story. May take longer.

In full to go to the waterfall Dengdeng of Tasikmalaya City can be reached via Kawalu or Manonjaya. Access the road is just as good, from the gas station Cikatomas then turn left into the road was equally smooth. not far from there will meet along the broken road approximately 3 km, after which the road is smooth back up our boarding passes and then turn left. The closer the location, we were greeted with a red dirt road, from here it's better to continue the journey on foot.


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